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About NEPS

Engineering The Nation's Development


To be a leading engineering organization serving for the good of the people.



● To practice engineering ethics and have environment-consciousness.
● To be a quality oriented organization focusing the sustainable development of society.
● To serve as a qualified engineering organization fulfilling the country's needs.
● To hand over its experience and good aims to the successive generations.


National Engineering and Planning Services is a company incorporated in Myanmar in 1998 specializing in planning, design, construction and engineering consultancy. It is established for the purpose of creating an institution of specialist abilities and dependable services in the private sector. With this end in view a group of professionals who have extensive experience both national and international has assembled to take leadership in the activities relating to studies, development planning, design, construction and supervision of works.
Major Field of Works Undertaken

NEPS offers professional services in the following fields bringing its clients the benefits of a cost effective and comprehensive solution from the identification or prefeasibility stages through final design to construction and commissioning.

 ● Irrigation and water management.
 ● Drainage and flood control
 ● Water supply and treatment plant
 ● Hydraulic structures
 ● Hydropower and water resources development
 ● Hydrological studies
 ● Soil investigations and foundation treatment
 ● Roads and rural infrastructures ( including bridge and jetty )
 ● Industrial and residential buildings
 ● River training and erosion control
 ● Pile and pile foundation design
 ● Surveying, land-subdivision and landscaping

The key personnel of the company have proven expertise and experience over 20 years both local and abroad in the various disciplines of civil engineering. NEPS is relatively young but effectively matured in terms of knowledge and experience. The firm is familiar with local conditions and could merge international norms and standards while maximizing the use of local skills and materials.

Embodying the values of professionalism and engineering ethics, ensuring the enthusiasm, commitment and the strategy to bring the vital elements of certainty and economy to the project, NEPS tailors its approach to suit the exact needs of the client.

NEPS has the resources and experience essential for the successful completion of the significant size and complexity of the engineering projects. Design techniques, study methods and computer software are employed across its wide range of discipline. Full use is made of in house or affiliated company's technologically advanced facilities in terms of computer hardware, monitoring equipment, data collection devices and CAD, PC network system etc.

Highlights on some of the NEPS's works are presented below :


Industrial Buildings

Significant structural works include the industrial building at Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone, Yangon, a garment factory for 300 sewing machines including office facilities, stores and canteen. Detail design of structural steel and reinforced concrete structure are the main features of the project.
The noteworthy feature of the structure is the 80 feet span steel roof truss designed and constructed by the NEPS engineers. Layout of the complex , landscaping, parking areas are also included in the project.

Water Supply and Treatment Plant

Taking the task of Area 5 works of the 200 ton per day Pulp Mill Project ( Thabaung ) in Ayeyarwady division shows clearly the capability of NEPS in construction of special concrete structures in a limited time. Area 5 works include water intake pump station, supply water purification system and effluent treatment plant which totalled about 22000 m3 of reinforced concrete works. NEPS has successfully completed its task within the scheduled period of 21 months.

Most of the structures are water tight ones and the performance was checked and assured by China Metallurgical Construction Group (MCC) which is one of the ISO 9000 recognized organization. NEPS has involved not only in civil works but also in some installation works such as installation of 71 m long 920 φ intake pipe from river to pump house which supply eight million gallons per day to the mill.

Hydropower Development

Tabak Hydropower Project of Kachin State is the power project undertaken by the NEPS in power sector. It has an installed capacity of 24 MW and is estimated to produce 173.6 GWh of energy annually, of which primary and secondary are 115.8 GWh and 57.8 GWh respectively. This demonstrates the typical optimal use of the natural endowment like hilly terrain and perennial river of the Kachin State. Diversion weir and intake, power canal including a state of the art tunnel, forebay and powerhouse constitute the main features of the project. The project cost is estimated to be US$ 24.5 millions.

This project also helps to demonstrate the ability in dealing with the scarcity of data in hydrological studies. Long term hydrological data is always essential if the risk is to be minimized and the lack of it is not uncommon for engineering projects especially when they are in remote areas.

Thus, after measuring a year of daily stream flow data, stochastic modelling algorithm was developed for simulation of the water resources system. The shot noise mathematical model was being derived from the filtered " Poisson Process " to generate about forty consecutive years comprising of daily inflow data at Washaung Weir. Subsequently data transposition to the point of interest was done through computerized linking with " Lag zero " correlation of mean daily streamflow between " Washaung Weir " and the project site.

Ultimately these long term generated daily inflows were used to simulate the power output in the Tabak Hydropower Project.

Kun Hydropower Project

The feasibility study and detail design of Kun Hydropower Project in Bago Division is another endeavour of NEPS in energy sector. The Client of the project is Myanma Electric Power Enterprise.

It has an installed capacity of 60 MW and is estimated to produce an average annual generated energy of 180 GWh. The project features a 220 feet high rockfill dam, a spillway, a low pressure pipeline and a powerhouse among other components.

NEPS carried out the hydrological and geological investigations, engineering designs which include hydraulic and structural designs of various structures and also optimization and evaluation of the project.
The estimated cost of the project is about US$ 62 millions.


Special Construction Works and Environmental Protection

Heap Leaching Pad Construction for Myanmar Ivanhoe Copper Company Limited in Sagaing division demonstrates the engineering capability of the NEPS to supervise and construct the special type of structures and complete the work according to the specifications within its time frame.

The works involve construction of 8 no of cells of 700 m x 80 m involving laying of impervious soil layer, HDPE liner, cushion and drainage layer. Among the safeguards taken to protect the environment, safe transport, storage and use of harzadous chemicals, rehabilitation of land degraded by construction activities and conserving all native plants and animals are carried out as stipulated by the Environmental Management Plan.

Reclamation, Flood Protection and Irrigation in Upland Area

Reclamation and Agricultural Land Development in Letpandan is the typical project where flooding occurs during monsoon season making it almost impossible or high risk activity for agriculture. The situation is totally different from tidal area where drainage and protection from salt water intrusion are of paramount importance. In this particular project about 8000 acres of inundated land is reclaimed from flooding of Myitmakha river by designing polders, diversion and outlet structures, sluice gates and drainage canal system. Pumps and irrigation canal system are designed for irrigation purposes during the dry season using the water trapped in low lying areas when the monsoon flood recedes from Myitmakha river.

Water Supply Scheme

NEPS took the task of investigation, design, quality control and construction management for water supply by pumps. The capacity of the pumps are 10,000 gph for a net head of 850 feet. The work was carried out for Pao
National Organization in Mongshu, Shan State.

Surveying and Land Sub-division

NEPS carried out a topographic survey of about 10000 acres of land in Tanintharyi division for oil-palm plantation. Included in the survey works are land sub-division for pilot plots, demarcations for land levelling boundaries etc.

NEPS was appointed by Katahira & Engineers International of Japan to carry out the topographic survey for road improvement work under the Kokang Rural Development Project in Northern Shan State. The work involves the survey of the existing road from Laokai to Konkyan (67.2 km) and Tar Shwe Tan to Cha Zi Shu (6.4 km) and also the site of a small hydropower scheme.

Differential GPS was used to establish the position of the reference stations while Total Station and conventional instruments were used to run the traverse and locating the detail features. To be in conformity with the existing map system in Myanmar, the results of GPS in W.G.S 84 system are converted into Lambert system in producing the map.

For that Project Topographic map, longitudinal profile and cross sections of the road are prepared by using CivilCAD version 5.5 and AutoCAD Release 14 softwares.

All of Topographic map,L.S & C.S of road and canal, Earthwork Calculation , Reservoir Capacity, Staking out Survey could be carried out by Total Station and used the Software of AutoCAD Civil 3D Land Desktop Companion 2009 , AutoCAD 2012.

Consultancy Service for Construction of Buildings

NEPS undertook the consultancy service for quality assurance and design improvement of reinforced concrete buildings under construction for Leprosy Control and Basic Health Services Project in Mandalay sponsored by JICA.

The buildings consist of a 45'x36' training hall , a 100'x40' dormitory and a 50'x30' special skin clinic.

The NEPS Engineers reviewed the designs and drawings and field inspection trips were also made to the construction site. Reports were submitted to JICA which include suggestions and recommendations for improvement and remedial measures to be taken for the construction works.

Road and Infrastructure

Preliminary study and cost estimate for upgrading of road and bridges from Pakokku to Copper Mine Site were carried out by NEPS.

The work comprises survey of the extsting road including bridges and assessments for upgrading and rehabilitation. The road covers a distance of about 123 km involving 108 existing bridges. It also includes selection of site and preliminary design of a jetty at Pakokku and a causeway at Yama Stream.
Preliminary cost estimates were prepared for upgrading and rehabilition of road and bridges and construction of relevant structures.


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